During this last decade, global awareness concerning the ecology has swiftly augmented. Ecological movements grew, not only to protect natural resources, but also for its implementation in connection with the efficient utilization of energy and to minimize damage to the ecology. 
The Eco-green Product Concept is one of the concepts on management and production of materials which we always endeavor to remain ecologically friendly. It can be said that nowadays innovative designs are needed that is sustainable, namely a design that has the capacity to implement its function continuously, improves the standard of life of the user and is also environmental friendly. Environmental friendly means that it does not disturb the ecosystem and can also be recycled.  

Enceng gondok – Water Hyacinth,  Scientific name: Eichhornia crassipes

Water Hyacinths float on the surface of the water, and sometimes put down roots in the soil. Water Hyacinths has a very high growth rate so that it is considered to be weeds that would damage the waterways. Water Hyacinths can easily spread themselves through small rivulets into other open waterways.


Eventually, in the Ecosystem, Water Hyacinth has negative effects :

Increases evaporation of water through its leaves. Less light enters the water, thereby causing a reduction of oxygen dispersion  in the water Dead water hyacinths will sink down to the bottom of the lake or river, swiftly turning the channels become shallowIt disturbs water traffic, particularly in rivers where people primarily depend on water transpor            


   Mendong Grass , Scientific name:  Fimbristylis globulodsMendong is one of a group of grasses that grow in marshes. They grow in areas with sufficient mud and water. This plant has the potential to become weeds in rice fields. Because of its long and rigid stems, Mendong Grass are used to make good quality plaited mats or webbing.