PIVIKO MANUNGGAL is a company that produces and sells creative fashion products. It was founded in 1997. Initially it started as a home industry producing fashionable handbags made of natural fibers. With the change in market orientation and new innovative products developed since 2005, Piviko has expanded into household products, but it still retains the same basis, namely fashionable natural fibers for an international market. We have observed and are convinced that our beloved country, Indonesia, is rich with  natural resources and therefore possesses a high potential for  growth and development.

PIVIKO MANUNGGAL has worked together with more than 50 groups of craftsmen spread out among several regions in Indonesia. PIVIKO’s craftsmen work at their homes, under direct supervision of company.  PIVIKO has extended the potential of natural resources into functional  international quality  products.  PIVIKO has a small showroom in Kelapa Gading Permai, North Jakarta, an easily accessible address for worldwide buyers who are busy and have only a limited amount of time in Jakarta.  PIVIKO has 2  workshops  located  in Kranji, Bekasi, West Java, and  in Jogjakarta, Central Java.  We have around 100 permanent employees. Piviko employees are highly dedicated and desire to progress together with the company both in the local as well as in the international markets. Piviko is also oriented towards conserving the environment, thereby  channeling PIVIKO into active participation towards utilization of natural materials and ecologically friendly coloring supplies. PIVIKO has innovated the processing of water hyacinths, pandanus leaves, rushes, coconut leaf ribs (lidi), jute, rattan and turned them into household products commensurate with the latest market requirements and designs. PIVIKO has produced placemats, table runners, coasters, napkin rings, serving  trays, multi function boxes, basketry and  various souvenirs and gift items. PIVIKO has an expertise and trusted by well-known international corporations and  thus currently PIVIKO has a good reputation both nationally as well as internationally in the USA, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Japan, Korea and other Asian nations.  PIVIKO is committed to provide the best quality assurance to the consumer’s satisfaction.

PIVIKO is a member of  Association of Exporters and producers of Indonesian Handicraft (ASEPHI), we also an exhibitor under SIPPO, NAFED, and active in  Messe  Fair Frankfurt.

The  awards received by PIVIKO :  Primaniarta  2016